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La scomparsa in Israele di Mario Della Torre : non dimenticò mai Livorno.

All'età di 98 anni è scomparso in Israele Mario Della Torre, una vita tra Livorno e Israele dove mai ha dimenticato la sua città natale : è dietro sua ispirazione che nella famiglia Della Torre (Migdali in ebraico) lo studio e il ricordo della nostra città è rimasto sempre forte.
A questo lavoro, oltre agli iscritti del defunto, si deve l'elaborazione grafica professionale,a colori,delle foto dell'antico Tempio di Livorno che Mario Della Torre tanto amò.
Sia il suo ricordo per benedizione.


Dear relatives and friends,

With great regret and sorrow, we announce the passing of a dear man, Meir Migdali (Mario Della Torre), who passed away on 06/10/2015 at ninety-eight years old.

Born on 13/08/1917 in the city of Livorno in Tuscany, Italy, to his parents, Hugo and Ida Della Torre. Educated at the Jewish elementary school and general high school in the city, and then attended the University of Pisa and received a doctorate in law.

During World War II, he stayed in Livorno with his parents and after the bombing of the city on 05.28.1943 had to flee as the Nazis conquered Italy (September 1943) and went into hiding in the city of Lucca.

After the end of the war in March 1945, Meir immigrated to Israel and settled in Kvutzat Yavne, married Bianca (Naomi) of the Massiach family and had two sons, Gamliel and Refael.

At Kvutzat Yavneh, Meir worked in farming and irrigation and was a member of the cultural committee. In 1957, he left the kibbutz and moved to Netanya with his family where he worked at the tannery "Elyon", while building his home in HaHashmonaim street.

In 1963, he was hired by the Assessing Department of the Netanya municipality where he worked for 19 years until his retirement.

Meir was modest, humble and honest, an artistan, humanist, writer and poet in spirit and soul, a highly educated autodidact.

His hobbies included writing, rhyming, and translating. He was known for his writings in the Jewish jargon of Livorno - the "Bagitto" - and is one of the few published authors of this unique dialect thanks to his book of sonnets, the "Trenta sonetti giudaico-livornesi".

He left behind a son, seven grandchildren and nine great-grandchildren.

Meir will always be remembered as a man of principle who remained true to his path, a lover of peace, a man of great patience and endless tolerance.

May his memory be blessed.

(Foto : Mario Della Torre zl)

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