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I leader israeliani si congratulano con Obama

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Israeli leaders congratulate Obama on presidential victory

Nov. 5, 2008 staff , THE JERUSALEM POST

Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni congratulated US president-elect Barack
Obama on his victory, saying that Israelis were "impressed by his
commitment to the peace and security of Israel" during his recent visit.

In a statement released Wednesday, Livni also thanked Sen. John McCain
for his "long-standing friendship" with Israel, and congratulated him on
an honorable campaign.

Opposition leader Binyamin Netanyahu sent Obama a telegram
congratulating him on his election.

"You and the American people have brought about a historic change,"
Netanyahu wrote. "You've reminded the world of what the US symbolizes -
the hope and promise of a better future."

"I am convinced that we will work together for peace, security and
prosperity in our region and a better future for us all," he added.

President Shimon Peres called the result "an end to racism," going on to
say that "there is no longer any way that any white man can claim
superiority, nor any black person feel discrimination."

Peres reiterated what he had said to Obama when he was in Israel; that
the best thing he could do for Israel was "to be a great president of
the United States of America." A president, continued, should be "on the
side of peace."

The president also sent Obama a short personal letter, which read, "The
world needs a great leader. It is in your making. It is in our prayers.
God bless you."

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert also congratulated Obama on his "historic and
impressive victory."

"America proved once again that it is indeed the greatest democracy,
which sets an example to all the democracies in the world," Olmert said
in a statement. "Obama proved to the entire world his skills and his

Olmert added that Israel and the US have a special relationship based on
shared values and interests. "Israel and America have a joint will to
continue and strengthen that relationship and advance peace and
stability in the Middle East. I have no doubt that this special
relationship between the two countries will continue and strengthen
during the Obama administration."

/Gil Hoffman contributed to this report/

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